• Quality floating Devon minnows...
  • ...handmade in Scotland


Why the devon minnow? you ask.

1. They have been proven fish catchers for years and years

2. You have a vast choice of sizes, colours and shapes to choose from.

3. The floating devon is fished in such away it is only inches from the fish's mouth as it bounces along the bottom.

4. They don't cost anywhere as much as one of those fancy new lures from Japan which, once the bib is broken off, is useless.

5. Easy to fix if a fin comes off or breaks - a new one is easily glued back in.

6. Easy to renovate if you have a favourite colour or shape.

7. This type of lure goes back a long time. I even have a few from 1950 which are very intricately painted; I'm sure they would have caught many fish back then as they do now.