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How to Fish the Floating Devon

There are many anglers who maintain that fishing the floating Devon minnow requires the same level of skill as the fly, and that it is a far better hooker than a Toby. It can be fished at exactly the right depth by varying the amount of lead, and offers far more control on the swing than other lures.

The basic rig consists of a three-way swivel, weight, rubbing line and leader, set up as in the diagram below.

A typical setup would be:

Line from reel: 18-20lb
Weak link: short length of 10lb line, easy break if weight snags
Weight: lead ball, bouncing betty, worm controller - should be easily adjustable
Rubbing line: 8 to 12 of 30lb line, to cope with abrasion on weight and river bed
Leader: 18 to 24 of 15lb line.

The main function of the rig is that if the weight snags on the bottom, you lose only the weight, and that the amount of weight can be easily and quickly adjusted to cope with different strengths of current, for example:

Worm Controller/Jumping Jack/Bouncing Betty: www.fawcettsonline.com/products/Worm-Controller-weights.html

To fish the floating devon, cast across and down and allow the lure to swing across the current, like a fly. Judge your cast to get the minnow swinging across any likely salmon lies.

You should be able to feel the weight trundling along the bottom - add weight for stronger currents, reduce weight in slower flows.