• Quality floating Devon minnows...
  • ...handmade in Scotland


How Tay Minnows Are Made

Floating Devon minnows are just as effective sometimes more so than Rapalas, Vision 110s and other fancy modern lures, and much better value. If you break the front bib off a Rapala, you might as well throw it away. Break a fin off a Devon minnow, and you can repair it easily and cheaply. Devons can last for decades!

Most of my Devon minnows are reclaimed and rejuvenated, then sent back out for a wee swim to try and catch even more salmon. Here are just a few of the stages in getting a minnow ready to meet Salmo salar.


Stage 1

This is a vintage wooden Devon minnow, in the condition I usually find them.

I'm always on the lookout for old and damaged minnows to revitalise, so if you have any that haven't seen light of day for a while, please let me know!


Stage 2

After the sandpaper has been out... body rubbed down and ready for painting.


Stage 3

Now I have got the undercoat and top coat on...


Stage 4

Two coats of varnish, new fins and eyes, and ready for a swim...